So first things first: I moved. Don’t worry, I’m still in Memphis! This move is semi-permanent, in the sense that I know an end date for how long I’ll be here. I’ll probably be in Memphis afterwards, but you never know where the Lord will lead me. Here are some FAQs about my move!


I know! eeeep


I now live in a pocket neighborhood behind Walnut Grove. I have some awesome new roommates named Bekah and Maggie; I already love living with them. They let me drink their coffee, so…it’s a good deal.


Pretty short and simple: it was an unexpected move.When I graduated from high school and decided not to go to college, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. As I’ve started learning how to work from home, though, it has become clear that it’s difficult to fit your bedroom and your office into one average-sized bedroom space. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t think size is always necessary–companies like IKEA can help you prioritize organization. I think it’s really important to live a minimal lifestyle in terms of organization and how much stuff you have. I strive to live a life like this, but even I began to feel claustrophobic in my own space due to all of the equipment I have. I haven’t narrowed down exactly where I want to

be–I mean, I don’t know if I ever will–I think I just know that I will always want to be creator. I don’t have a designated “creation” or outlet so to speak–I think in general it will probably always include photography, but I’m not confident enough to say that photography will be what I do for the rest of my life. Because of that, I have a lot of other art supplies including canvases, paint, packaging materials, and loads more in boxes I was never able to be unpack at my old house. My space at the new house is twice as big, with lots of additional storage space. Being able to find a place for things and store my equipment has been a huge blessing.

Did something happen with my roommates?

This is more of a personal note, especially for my friends and family who really didn’t expect the move. Before this, I lived with my best friends Hope and Katherine. Hope and I moved in together July after graduation from high school, so I really haven’t known living with anyone but her, and then Katherine joined us not too long after. To be clear: there was by no means any tension there. The move was not an emotional decision–it was very practical. There have been many tears shed after having separated the three musketeers. I will seriously hold dear the memories of living with Hope and Katherine for the rest of my life. I’m going to be always telling all of the crazy stories and talking about all the laughter and fun we had. We’re excited to learn how to be friends now– that is, how to schedule out intentional time together and hopefully that will go really well. It’s already been really strange not coming home to see them, so I am slowly learning and would definitely appreciate prayers in that area.

What does your new space look like? How have you set it up?

One thing that attracted me when I walked in was the beautiful stone floor and the exposed brick wall. I ended up painting the wall with white primer and I’m really happy with the results. My friend Emily Gluntz was the final push that convinced me to do it and we did it together with two gallons of primer paint. We did one layer with brushes to get into the mortar and grooves and the second layer was done with a roller–my new roommate Maggie ended up helping us roll too. In the end, we did it in four hours. I was actually moved in before then, but the space is big enough that I was able to move everything away from the wall before painting. On one side of the room, I have a standing desk that I got from Autonmous, and my bed is on the other. I decided to make the brick wall a feature wall mainly because I think it’s unique and it’s what makes the room really feel like a studio apartment. I have an awesome table that was built for my sister’s wedding by her husband Josh, who heads up Olive & Iron Woodcraft. He does some personal projects on the side so if you’re interested in getting a new piece of furniture built, let me know and I’ll send you to his inbox. I really wanted to put that table in here because 1. the space was available and 2. I want this room to be filled with art and artists, and I want to be able to share this space. I feel like I would never have dreamed I would be able to live in a space like this when I was 19, and I want to give it back to other artists as much as I can. Super excited about the future of it! On another wall, I have a seating area and my big ficus, and also a huge closet that has allowed me to expand and unpack a lot of those boxes I mentioned before. If you would like to come by and work and treat my place like a coffee shop, you are welcome to! I have been able to stay at home a lot more and work from home and I’m excited about that. I hope to continue to soak in the amazing opportunity to live here. What I’ve learned in this process is that the Lord is not held by leases– and when His will is to be done, His will is to be done and there is no fighting it.

How are you doing?

I am doing well! This space has been life-giving. There is space to create, breathe, stretch, and separate my work and personal life. I’m loving inviting friends and even clients over to have coffee. I am enjoying having an area for messy art while keeping my “work” desk clean (since there are two desks). I have felt growing pains, but I know His plan is greatest. Thanks for asking!

Here is some PICS from the whole process.







The lovely Jo of JoDarling Photography took a few photos of me in my room:

First Time Bread Baker | Attempt Once

To be honest, bread seemed really intimidating to me. Since its so easy to buy, and you hear so many talk about how hard it is to bake bread. However this summer I visited dear friends of mine, and they make bread. Well, Anna bakes bread. It all seems very simple and well time consuming but not difficult. So when I was given the bread + cheese platter for one of my best friends baby shower, it seemed the perfect opportunity.

I didn’t own a dutch oven, nor was I at all informed by the true task of baking bread. My sister came to my rescue… a baby sitter if you will. She face timed me the night I stirred it all up, and came over in the morning, let me barrow her dutch oven and stayed till it was all golden crust! So I send all my gratitude to Dough vs Girl and my sister!

Now I went with the simplest of recipes that my sister uses! And I’ve broken it down and photographed my experience below.

no-knead dutch oven bread

I made two batches. Left – Plain bread . Right – Rosemary bread


  • 3 cups of flour

  • 2 tsp of salt (for the plain bread)
  • 2 tsp of garlic salt (for the rosemary bread) + rosemary

  • 1 Tsp (one packet) of red star ACTIVE DRY YEAST

Mix until just mixed.

cover with siranwrap or something. I used parchment and then a cloth on top.

leave over night in a warm space in your home.

Turn oven on to 450 and place dutch oven inside as well!

Flour up and scoop on pan. Will use quite a bit of flour to ensure its not too sticky to mold into roundness.

Once round and cute on its pan, cover again with cloth and let rise for 30 minutes at least.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

If you so desire, you can slit an X or just a line to allow a crack .

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

You can’t totally tell in this photo, but pick up the borders of the parchment paper and plop into the dutch oven.

Cook with cover on for 40/45 minutes. Then take the dutch oven top off and let bake for 8-10 minutes to make it all golden!

Me with bread.