Afternoon Wedding | Cayleigh + Mitchell | Timeline Hack

Heading into my meeting with Cayleigh + Mitchell, we had no set schedule in plan, starting from scratch for their timeline. We knew the ceremony was going to be 2:00. As we started brainstorming the idea of a first look came up. First looks have many advantages including getting lots of photos down pre-ceremony!

Cayleigh + Mitchell’s church is out in Bartlett, off a not very pretty main road. When they decided on a first look, I asked them, “where?” And when I ask where, I mean WHERE! It could be anywhere you want. If we have freedom of time, then why stay constricted to a brick church with an asphalt parking lot? “We could go to Shelby farms!” Cayleigh exclaimed and so I started typing away. Questions that follow are, “Should we do wedding party photos at Shelby farms too? How long is the drive from Shelby Farms to the church? Family photos before or after the ceremony?”

What we created was a timeline that gave enough time for us to get there and back. Such an awesome way to have beautiful location mid-day.

I alway request at least 10-15 minutes with the couple after the ceremony even with a first look prior. There is something so special about those first moments of husband and wife. The weight of wedding planning, anticipating, and pressure is just OFF all of the sudden; They just get to hold each other and breathe it in! Cayleigh and Mitchell were excited about this part, but the timeline just wasn’t adding up on how many family photos we needed and how quickly they needed to head into to the reception. Even if we did squish in 10 minutes, it was again going to be outside in the best spot we could find around the church.

So then I pitched,”What if we took y’all’s portraits AFTER the reception?!” I’ve done this a couple times, but tossing the idea out can seem almost too unconventional for certain couples, but Cayleigh + Mitchell both grabbed the idea. “YES! I like that idea!” And with that, we could literally go anywhere in the city we wanted! Mitchell had an internship downtown, and suggested we take some down on Main street and around that area. This stirs my little creative heart round. It’s the intimacy and excitement of the wedding day, with the chill and freedom of an engagement shoot. What more could you ask for? So next time you are stumped by a wedding’s location, pitch out some wild timeline ideas, pick a part the wedding day and re build it. Its not that the couple wants it that way, they just haven’t been given other options. Below I have attached the timeline from Cayleigh + Mitchel’s wedding, as well as my very favorites from our time downtown!

10:00 Details (Have details ready in a box/bag) Church, exterior
10:30 Reception/venue details Church, prepped
10:45 Cayleigh getting ready Church, downstairs
11:15 Mitchell getting ready Church, upstairs
11:45 Cayleigh in dress Church, downstairs
12:00 Mitchell heads to first look w/ EM Shelby Farms
12:05 Cayleigh leaves for first look Shelby Farms
12:20 First look Shelby Farms
12:40 Wedding Party Shelby Farms
1:30 C is hidden Church
2:00 Ceremony Church
2:35 Family Photos Up on stage, church
2:45 Food is served Church hall
3:00 Mr+Mrs entrance Church hall
3:30 Cake
4:30 Bouquet Toss + Garter Toss
5:00 Exit (streamers) Church, main entrence
5:20 Downtown Portraits Meet a Majestic Grill, Main Street
6:30 Mr + Mrs are officially off!  From downtown

Why not stop into Stock and Belle, and get some 387 Pantry coffee? Again, we had no where to be!

“When we were planning the wedding, the only thing that made since was to take pictures after the wedding because it was at 2. I hadn’t really heard of people doing this, but Emily made sure we knew it would be good for the pictures and good for us. When we were on our way to take the pictures, Mitchell and I felt so relieved. I remember both of us saying how happy we were with the wedding and then we still were happy to get to take pictures, just the two of us in a really beautiful place and for the day to not be completely over. Taking our pictures after the afternoon wedding and reception was the most fun and better than I could have dreamed. We laughed and even got to sit down and drink coffee. One of the small things that I now love about the pictures is that we both had our wedding bands on in our wedding pictures. It was easy and fun to take the pictures afterwards because the hard part was already over. I would do it all over again for the complete joy I felt for the no rush, happiness of taking beautiful pictures with my just married to husband.”  – Cayleigh (Bride)

Reflections on South Main were perfect! I loved this time we just sat and chatted about the day.


Arnetts | Lichtenberg Castle, Germany

I wanted to resurface this session while I’m back in Germany. Last year I had the gift of meeting Bettina + Adrian and their two children. If I remember correctly, this was kind of a last minute idea. I fell in love with the Litchtenberg Castle.  I remember Bettina saying “Oh I think I have the perfect dress.” And yes, she did. The whole clan got together. Re-editing these was so much fun. Seeing the changes in my style, as well as growth. I still hold this as some of my best work, and I’m excited to share it all over again. <3 Thank you Bettina and Adrian, I can’t wait to see y’all in the future. I’m so glad I know you both.


Eser & James | Phoenix, Arizona Wedding

I could spend an entire evening writing about this wedding. I’m going to do my best to keep it short. For them it starts just over a year ago. They committed to long distance, intentionally pursue each other in every way they could. I have so much admiration for their love and commitment.

I was ecstatic to hear from Eser over FB. We skyped, and I was overwhelmed by the joy in my friend’s life. How the Lord had taken her and written such a beautiful story. I’m so proud of Steph, and knowing James for the few days that I did, he is a man worthy of her love. I am praying he uses you in even more ways though your marriage. Before the wedding, I hadn’t seen Eser in 11 years. Her family had moved away when I was young, but I still remember playing on their farm. We would make mud cakes, play house, and run around. Our snacks were vegetables and props were normally twigs and mud. It was the life. Being welcomed back into their home was was the highlight of my year. It was like nothing had changed (except maybe we don’t have dirty faces, and are not playing fake wedding anymore). I felt a part of their family. I was just in a state of happiness the entire weekend interacting with my childhood friends now grown up and married, and meeting their children. Thank you, Norris family, for taking me in as one of your own.

The wedding itself was simply wonderful. If my wedding is half as beautiful and intentional as James & Eser’s, I will considered it a pure gift. Eser had searched for a venue outside, big enough to host all of their guests for quite some time. It was a huge blessing to find this orchard through one of her bridesmaids; it was exactly what she wanted. The soups were made by women in the church. Corn chowder, lentil soup, and a couple other kinds followed bagels and fruit after the ceremony. Eser handmade the bread bowls and butter dishes in her pottery class for the tables. While in Turkey over the summer, they collected little patterned tile magnets as favors. One of my favorite things about the entire wedding, was how important the guests were. It was so clear how the people coming to this wedding came to stand beside them and celebrate them. I was overwhelmed by the kind words poured over both James and Eser. People flying in from all over to witness this marriage take place. It was so beautiful how many places were signed on the maps they laid out as guest books. Just before heading down the aisle, the women from Eser’s life gathered around her, laying a hand, pouring blessings and prayers over her and James. The ceremony was filled with worship. Such an honor to not be a part of such a wedding, but to capture it. Then came the wedding party photos. We had a blast throwing bouquets and making them kiss. 😛 Their reception was built on dancing, conversation, genuine speeches, and a joy that stayed even as they ran through a tunnel of guests to their get-away car. I know I’ve already rambled and written out what you will see, SO here is the wedding itself. <3 Congratulations Eser & James.


I stole them for a few more moments before they left. Love these two and the laughs they shared that day. 

Andrew & Amelia | Australian American Wedding

I got a message almost a year ago from Amelia & Andrew. We were rained out that visit into Memphis, but thankfully we got to spend christmas eve exploring South Main and taking some engagement photos. We instantly got along, and upon delivery of that gallery, I became their wedding photographer. ANd then came October 1st, 2016. Over 25 friends and family members flew in from Australia to watch Andrew and Amelia join hands. It was so incredible to see the two countries celebrate together. Their was laughter, jokes, and so much joy. The girls started their morning downtown at the Madison, while the boys hung out at the coolest little rented home on South Main. At around 2:00 Amelia and Andrew headed off to Court Square for their first look. What moment and place! I enjoyed every moment of my time with them. Trollies around us, veil in the wind, it was out of a movie! We took a stroll down to Confederate park where their 18 best friend met us. Man, what a group of good looking people! The flower crowns were the last touch to each girl’s hand picked dress. So thankful for the incredible buildings of downtown Memphis, and that awesome wedding party!

Off to a gorgeous residence in Midtown for their short but sweet wedding ceremony. Then came the celebration of a lifetime for Amelia and Andrew. The night was filled with speeches that left people busting in laughter. An incredible layout of delicious courses. The plates, champagne, candles, what a dinner! A dinner followed by a full dance floor all night. Drinks, barefeet, and a phenomenal live band, finished with a long line of family and friends cheering the happy couple into the night!

Thank you Andrew and Amelia for letting me be apart of your story and capturing this incredible day. It was an honor, and honestly such an amazing event! What a testimony to your love for friends and family as they gathered from all around the world to stand beside y’all. Congradulations on your marriage! <3

Blog-272Blog-2-3Blog-3-1Blog-4-1Blog-267-2Invitations- Original InkGetting Ready-183Makeup- Matt Gossett

Getting Ready-251Blog-19Hair- Rachel Evans at SacheBlog-22901 shirts came from IndigoBlog-309Blog-12Blog-14-2Blog-8-1Blog-27 Suit for Groom – MJ BaleBlog-42-1Blog-45-1Blog-55Blog-92Dress-Barefoot Bride Blog-96-1Blog-94Blog-68Blog-57Blog-67-1Blog-74Blog-64Blog-78-1Blog-80Blog-91Blog-101-1Groomsmen suits- MJ BaleBlog-117Blog-120Blog-89-4Blog-98-1Blog-87Blog-122Blog-123-1Blog-124Blog-126-1Blog-132Blog-427Blog-152Blog-156-1Blog-157Blog-161Blog-164-1Blog-169Blog-170-1Blog-172Blog-174-1Blog-176Blog-178Blog-185Cake-Oh My Ganache BakeryBlog-135Blog-146-1Blog-136-1Blog-133lorist/Design/Coordinator- Hardin HouseBlog-188Blog-192Blog-196Blog-198Blog-200-2Blog-203Blog-204-1Blog-210Blog-212Blog-216Blog-495Blog-220Blog-223Blog-224Blog-228Blog-233Blog-237Blog-238Blog-240Blog-243Blog-244Blog-253Blog-257Blog-255Blog-261Blog-262

Florist/Design/Coordinator- Hardin House
Invitations- Original Ink
Hair- Rachel Evans at Sache
Makeup- Matt Gossett
901 shirts came from Indigo
Bridesmaids earrings-Kendra Scott
Suit for grooms and groomsmen- MJ Bale
Venue- Home of Megan Hurdle
Catering- Club Windward

Iona & Jeremiah | Tennessee Woodland Wedding

It’s been far too long since I got to live this day!  Iona and Jeremiah gave me so much room to be creative. They poured their personalties, story, and roots into every detail- from the invitations Iona created using the type writer Jeremiah got her, to the hand written vows they spoke, all the way to the traditional Scottish dances at the reception.

Thank you Iona and Jeremiah for inviting me into your day; for letting me be apart of sharing your story; for letting me stand with you in every moment of your wedding day. Its beautiful to see how the Lord brought the both of you together, and even more special to watch you join hands for life. It was an absolute joy to be apart of the celebration that launched y’all into the Lord’s work as a married couple.

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The wonderful Vendors:

Venue: Bear Creek Events

Caterer: Gourmet Your Way

Ice Cream: Maggie Moos

Band: Emerald Accent Irish Music

Florist: loose flowers from Sandi’s Florists. The bride and bridesmaids put them together.

Dress: David’s Bridals

Videographer: Joshua Stephans