Omar + Jenny | Mexican/Vietnamese Wedding | Memphis, Tennessee

Omar + Jenny. These two are so sweet. I received an email from Jenny over a year ago, sharing her and Omar’s story. They were highschool sweet hearts. He sat next to a cute girl at a school function, and she, I quote, “couldn’t stand up and move, that would be awkward!” They soon became friend, best friends as they grew up together. This special union brought together more then just them two, but two families, two cultures. Omar is Mexican and Jenny is Vietnamese. They brought in traditions from both sides as they planned their day. These included Jenny’s beautiful traditional red wedding gown made in Vietnam and the fun dances and games played at Mexican weddings. We had a blast all day celebrating these two. Jenny got ready with all her girls at the house. After she stepped into her gown and was all buttoned in, we jumped in the car to the beautiful Catholic Church. As per-wedding fashion, we hit every red light. After finally arriving, we tucked Jenny away in a back room till the ceremony started.

This ceremony was simply inspiring. The music, the readings, and charge. As Jenny walked down the aisle, Omar joined her half way and they walked together to the alter. There were such sweet times of prayer throughout the ceremony. They broke and greeted all their guests, came together again, took communion, and then! “Omar, you may kiss your bride!” The room erupted in claps and cheers. They were officially one. <3 The first hug they made as a married couple was their sweet son.

We had an awesome time at Overton Park laughing and dancing with their best friends. There was even sparkling apple cider, that Omar brought out. We sent them onward to the reception, and took some portraits. Gosh, I just love the way they get each other. The time was so fun. They were making each other giggle, he was spinning her around, pulling in tight. They made my job a breeze to catch that genuine laughter. We were shivering by the end, and quickly jumped in cars to head to the reception.

At the reception we ate some awesome tacos and mexican candy. Then came those dances. Omar and Jenny came together on floor. Enough chatting, you just got to see all the photos! <3


Thank you Jenny + Omar for giving me the honor to photograph your wedding. It has been a joy to get to know you both and capture this love story. Praying over the year and your marriage. <3 

Propcellar Wedding | Memphis, TN | Chris + Tailor Ballenger

I am so excited to catch up and start sharing 2017’s wonderful weddings.

Starting off with Chris and Tailor. This wedding was located at the Propcellar off of Summer Ave in Memphis, Tennessee. The day started with thick curtains separating sections of the large warehouse to insure they would not see each other. After stepping into her beautiful gown and he fitting and tying his shoes they prepared for their first look. He stood on one side of an indoor garage door, hands fidgeting, anxious to embrace his girl. She stood on the other side, fixing her vail, shaking and excited to see her groom. Sheer joy erupted as he ran to Tailor once the door was up. They shared laughs and giggles. We took some photos of the two of them, and other photos with their sweet wedding party. We all shuffled behind curtains as guest arrived. Once the ceremony started, you could feel the presence and sense of worship in the space. They made it priority to share the gospel through their ceremony, as well as include long time of prayer. It was beautiful as arms were stretched out over this new family unit. After they shared their first kiss, Chris and Tailor gently washed each others feet, as the first act they chose to make in marriage. After that there were tears and all smiles. They celebrated, danced, embraced, talked, screamed, and all the good things. We all headed outside at the end and waved around sparklers. What an awesome day! Enough chatting, here are the photos!!

Tennessee Lovers | Ragan + Maclin

My beautiful wonderful friends let me take more wedding photos of them post-wedding. I met them at the cabin that has been in the family for generations, built by the hands of the Williamsons. They took me to their favorite places on the land including the “party tree” where they had dreamed of having their reception. We partied together that morning. Ragan radiates beauty, she is a simply breathtaking bride and wife. Maclin cares for her in a way I dream of being cared for one day. They laugh a lot together. They hold each other tight. They believe in marriage for life. 

Fabrice + Katia | Lyon, France

This pair! What a memory to have! Back in April, I spent some time in Lyon, France visiting friends. While there, Kelly and Dave’s friends were excited to take some mock wedding photos. So they got all dressed up, and off we went for a short time in the city.

Fabrice spoke little to no English. Katia spoke English well and Kelly helped with any hard translations. Honestly, we just laughed the whole time. It was such an incredible experience to explore a city like Lyon. I couldn’t have asked for a more sweet and in love couple. I gave them questions to answer to each other to spark reflection over their relationship. I couldn’t get over the way they looked at each other, every touch with care and love. I didn’t want the session to end.

Exciting news! They just welcomed a sweet son into the world! Hope I can go back and visit one day.

Afternoon Wedding | Cayleigh + Mitchell | Timeline Hack

Heading into my meeting with Cayleigh + Mitchell, we had no set schedule in plan, starting from scratch for their timeline. We knew the ceremony was going to be 2:00. As we started brainstorming the idea of a first look came up. First looks have many advantages including getting lots of photos down pre-ceremony!

Cayleigh + Mitchell’s church is out in Bartlett, off a not very pretty main road. When they decided on a first look, I asked them, “where?” And when I ask where, I mean WHERE! It could be anywhere you want. If we have freedom of time, then why stay constricted to a brick church with an asphalt parking lot? “We could go to Shelby farms!” Cayleigh exclaimed and so I started typing away. Questions that follow are, “Should we do wedding party photos at Shelby farms too? How long is the drive from Shelby Farms to the church? Family photos before or after the ceremony?”

What we created was a timeline that gave enough time for us to get there and back. Such an awesome way to have beautiful location mid-day.

I alway request at least 10-15 minutes with the couple after the ceremony even with a first look prior. There is something so special about those first moments of husband and wife. The weight of wedding planning, anticipating, and pressure is just OFF all of the sudden; They just get to hold each other and breathe it in! Cayleigh and Mitchell were excited about this part, but the timeline just wasn’t adding up on how many family photos we needed and how quickly they needed to head into to the reception. Even if we did squish in 10 minutes, it was again going to be outside in the best spot we could find around the church.

So then I pitched,”What if we took y’all’s portraits AFTER the reception?!” I’ve done this a couple times, but tossing the idea out can seem almost too unconventional for certain couples, but Cayleigh + Mitchell both grabbed the idea. “YES! I like that idea!” And with that, we could literally go anywhere in the city we wanted! Mitchell had an internship downtown, and suggested we take some down on Main street and around that area. This stirs my little creative heart round. It’s the intimacy and excitement of the wedding day, with the chill and freedom of an engagement shoot. What more could you ask for? So next time you are stumped by a wedding’s location, pitch out some wild timeline ideas, pick a part the wedding day and re build it. Its not that the couple wants it that way, they just haven’t been given other options. Below I have attached the timeline from Cayleigh + Mitchel’s wedding, as well as my very favorites from our time downtown!

10:00 Details (Have details ready in a box/bag) Church, exterior
10:30 Reception/venue details Church, prepped
10:45 Cayleigh getting ready Church, downstairs
11:15 Mitchell getting ready Church, upstairs
11:45 Cayleigh in dress Church, downstairs
12:00 Mitchell heads to first look w/ EM Shelby Farms
12:05 Cayleigh leaves for first look Shelby Farms
12:20 First look Shelby Farms
12:40 Wedding Party Shelby Farms
1:30 C is hidden Church
2:00 Ceremony Church
2:35 Family Photos Up on stage, church
2:45 Food is served Church hall
3:00 Mr+Mrs entrance Church hall
3:30 Cake
4:30 Bouquet Toss + Garter Toss
5:00 Exit (streamers) Church, main entrence
5:20 Downtown Portraits Meet a Majestic Grill, Main Street
6:30 Mr + Mrs are officially off!  From downtown

Why not stop into Stock and Belle, and get some 387 Pantry coffee? Again, we had no where to be!

“When we were planning the wedding, the only thing that made since was to take pictures after the wedding because it was at 2. I hadn’t really heard of people doing this, but Emily made sure we knew it would be good for the pictures and good for us. When we were on our way to take the pictures, Mitchell and I felt so relieved. I remember both of us saying how happy we were with the wedding and then we still were happy to get to take pictures, just the two of us in a really beautiful place and for the day to not be completely over. Taking our pictures after the afternoon wedding and reception was the most fun and better than I could have dreamed. We laughed and even got to sit down and drink coffee. One of the small things that I now love about the pictures is that we both had our wedding bands on in our wedding pictures. It was easy and fun to take the pictures afterwards because the hard part was already over. I would do it all over again for the complete joy I felt for the no rush, happiness of taking beautiful pictures with my just married to husband.”  – Cayleigh (Bride)

Reflections on South Main were perfect! I loved this time we just sat and chatted about the day.