Brian & Ellen | Memphis Sweathearts

First off, we had way to much fun taking over Rhodes college. I have honestly dubbed it Hogwarts of Memphis, and it did not disappoint this Monday evening. All those arches, and bricks, my heart! Not to mention the adorable couple dancing and laughing in the halls. Oh man, did Ellen and Brian own this session. They were giggling, loving, and telling some great stories the whole time. Including how they met, which was in fact a Tinder love story. But let’s be real, it’s way more than that! Though it started with a swipe right, these two fell hard in love. The way Brian cares for Ellen with every touch and action, and how Ellen looks at him and answers him. They do have sassy playful moments, but this — this is a tender love.

Thank you both for letting me take you out for an evening! It was wonderful to say the least.

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Emily is a photographer empowering, serving, and working alongside couples, creatives, non Profits, and humanitarian organizations. Her perspective on life and travel developed during her first 14 years growing up in the middle east, on the coast of the Mediterranean. She seeks to use her time and resources to educate and advocate. Emily has heart for collaboration with other creatives, as well as heart for the those displaced and seeking refuge. She hopes to continue her path to work in humanitarian efforts world wide. Currently, Emily is based in Memphis, TN, USA.

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