Katherine & CJ | The Country Place, Moscow TN

Oh, the laughs! This evening’s post is filled with good laughs and precious moments! I remember the first time I heard of this man in Katherine’s life. I knew he existed, but not a photo to be seen. Kat came to Thanksgiving 2015, and she barely said a peep about him even though all the cousins try to squeeze anything out of her about this ‘CJ’. Well we shouldn’t have worried, because we would know CJ. A year later they were hand in hand (one of which had a ring) preparing for a wedding in the summer. And here we are!

I was so excited to be a part of the whole process with the engagement photos. So a few days shy of Christmas we ventured out to The Country Place in Moscow, TN. This will be there venue for the big day. Cj & Katherine were wonderful. They played along with all my games. Giggled sharing stories and first impressions. I love their story and how Cj-and-Katherine it really is. How friendship grew into flirting which went perfectly into dates which lead to living life along side each other. They both set their eyes on the Lord, and before they knew it they were running together. I could spend even more time telling their story, but trust me – they do it best. Here is a glimpse in the joy this engagement has brought!

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