Memphis Engagement Photographer | Palmer & Jenny

More often then not I hear the words “we’re super awkward.” And man, I hurt a little every time. Because in reality couples think they are awkward in front of the camera because they have never been guided or been in front long enough to get comfortable. Jenny and Palmer were beautiful through the shutter. They had each other to play off of, and to hold onto.  The more I get to spend time with couples, it becomes clear that each story and the way they love is authentic, and should be captured that way. Its my challenge every session to not just pose and click, but to know the couple, make them laugh, help them feel comfortable. I love watching the two share little smirks, and laugh about how outrageous I am.That’s the goal, even if I walk away being the awkward one. However if so, I also walk away with a camera full of memories and moments of personality stopped in time.

This session was so much fun. There was light flooding in from everywhere! Palmer grew up running around this field and forrest. I’m so excited to return to this gorgeous place for their wedding in May. We are gonna slip away, and take over the fields in some more gorgeous light. Jenny in a stunning white dress, Palmer looking dapper, it’s going to be a day for the books!

Also the donkeys were a little jealous.  When Jenny and Palmer were holding hand next to each other, one of the donkeys straight up split them up with his head, and popped in between them. It was hysterical.


(told you! Isn’t the best?! #thirdwheel)


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Emily is a photographer empowering, serving, and working alongside couples, creatives, non Profits, and humanitarian organizations. Her perspective on life and travel developed during her first 14 years growing up in the middle east, on the coast of the Mediterranean. She seeks to use her time and resources to educate and advocate. Emily has heart for collaboration with other creatives, as well as heart for the those displaced and seeking refuge. She hopes to continue her path to work in humanitarian efforts world wide. Currently, Emily is based in Memphis, TN, USA.

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