Shelby Farms | Matt & Hannah | Childhood Sweethearts

Childhood friends – isn’t it perfect they fell in love? No joke, y’all, its a fairytale. <3 I was so excited to spend just an evening with the two of them. The whole time we were sharing stories. Hannah is more than a giggler. Saying I had fun making her laugh and in turn him is an understatement. Just cuddling and bumping hips is all it took. Driving home I was just smiling thinking about February. A February afternoon I will spend laughing with Matt and Hannah as Mr and Mrs. Their is going to (somehow!!!) be even more joy and laughter and happiness. Its gonna be a day to remember. What a precious reminder of why I love being a part of stories and knowing people. Hannah, Matt, I love your love, and am thankful I know you.


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