Emily + Matt | Foggy Memphis Engagement Session

Where do you even start with a pair like Emily and Matt?! I had so much fun walking around downtown Memphis on the most dreamy foggy Memphis evening. We started on Main street, walked down to Cafe Keough, and then ended at Mud Island.

I loved getting to know them. Honestly I want to write all about them and their cute laughs and jokes, but the photos just tell it all. So I’m going to let them. <3 Scroll below. haah I couldn’t narrow it down, so ENJOY!!

Wedding Photographers Who Inspire Me

Hey friends!

I spend so much of my time scrolling through a feed. I think we all do… There are times I’ve wished I could just not be a part of social media, but with my job, it really is best to stay on. The way I have tried to eliminate so much of the comparison game is only following photographers that inspire, encourage, and challenge me. I’ve gotten rid of photographers who are desperate for followers, in it for the industry money, or just not my style, not my cup of tea.  I thought I would compile the photographers I truly look up to and who inspire me to be better, capture more, and experiment. They let couples tell the story, emotions lead the moments, and allow their style to have wiggle room within the couple’s style. They are so full of life and love. I know you are going to love them to! So give them a follow and get lost in their feeds like I do.

I want to be clear. These images are by THOSE photographers. PLEASE see each image’s photo-credit. I have no intention of stealing or taking work from these talented people. I want to share and showcase their beautiful work!

– EM


Website: http://philchester.com/

This dude. He captures people at their center. He has this way of evoking emotion in the midst of chaos. I’m in love with his images within cities. Every time Phil’s images cross my screen I fall madly in love with photography, love, and motion. He’s a freakin’ beast behind the camera. He sees motion and just snaps it perfectly. His images never get old. They are timeless.

Images by @philchester IG: https://www.instagram.com/philchester/


Website: http://justlikehoney.us/

The colors. The nature and soul that seem to carry through every image she shares. This woman is fearless in her photography. She’s always pushing the boundaries, making moments rich in culture and light. Not to mention Nadine is just the most adorable blue-haired woman, full of fierce pursuit and creativity. Just check out her work, y’all.

Images by @justlikehoney.us IG: https://www.instagram.com/justlikehoney.us/


Website: http://codyandallisonphoto.com/

Where to start with these guys? They knock it out of the park every wedding. Their website is a masterpiece alone, not to mention the way they capture light. They seem to have a way of making the couple feel like the only thing in the world. Not sure that makes sense, but gosh, I feel present when I see one of their images. I love the earthy red tones they weave in every edit. They document and create in perfect balance. Gosh, what a team.

Images by @codyandallisonphoto IG: https://www.instagram.com/codyandallisonphoto/


Website: http://www.themontoyacollective.com/

Oh man, Keely and Aaron are absolutely incredible. I think what strikes me so much about their photography is how they let emotions lead. They are always there at the right moment with the ideal focal length, with raw talent to capture raw moments. I am so moved by their work every time. They also have such a way with black and white!

Images by @keelymontoyaphoto IG: Keely-  www.instagram.com/keelymontoyaphoto/  Aaron: www.instagram.com/aaronblakemontoya/


Emily Magers: https://www.instagram.com/emily.magers/

Haley Rynn Ringo: https://www.instagram.com/haleyrynnringo/

Sara Monika: https://www.instagram.com/saramonikaphoto/

Marco Schifa: https://www.instagram.com/marco_schifa/

Dawn Photo: https://www.instagram.com/dawn_photo/



Emily + Brian | Memphis Engagement Session

Probably one of the coolest and intense learning curves of 2017 for me was to stand by my best friend as she fell in love. I’m writing this before getting ready for the day, because mascara does not pair well with puffy eyes and tears. Emily has been a dear friend for a long time, but she has become one of my best friends in the last 16 months. As Brian came into her life, I was so excited. It felt different than so many relationships I have watched start with many friends. There was a sense of intentionality on both sides. I watched Em be pruned by the Lord through these seasons of raw emotions and growing pains.

Honestly, the biggest thing that made this so special for me to watch was that I was there. present. invited. She didn’t disappear on me. It’s hard not to. The Lord was so gracious to us, as he gave us countless days and weekends to work together. Road trips happen often since we second shoot for each other. I just love looking back and seeing so many milestones in their relationship paralleling with long conversations on the road and pillow talk in cabins and hotels. It’s weird seeing it all happen before your eyes. The “ohmygosh this guy is sitting with me at a coffee shop reading just to be with me!” to “if he asked me now, i would say yes.” to “i can’t believe we are getting married in just a few months!” I’m honored to have walked this path with you, Em. I’m honored to call Brian a friend I trust and love. He has loved her in ways I simply cannot, others simply cannot. For all who know Em, she’s an independent little go-getter. “She may be small, but she is fierce” about sums her up. It’s pure fun to see someone take care of Em, and her to take care of him. Meal prepping, sharing dates, and learning so much about how to love well.

I’m honored to call her a best friend. Honored to stand by her in this season. She has never ceased to show me such generosity, service, and love. I am looking forward to every chance I get to anchor her and Brian on their wedding day. To watch her step into a white dress, to squeal with her all freakin’ day, to see her join hands with Brian, to capture them laugh, kiss, and love all day, and to dance the night away with our friends and families. The Lord is so good. All I can say over and over again is that I am honored. <3 I’m so proud of these two. They have had tough conversations, been held to so much accountability, pursued the Lord and each other with such devoted energy. I cannot wait to see them fall in love all over again and just relish every moment in marriage. We had so much fun on what felt like the coldest day in Memphis (little did we know…) We explored Broad Avenue, Cleveland Street Flea Market, and around Crosstown Concourse. After scrolling down, you and I will both agree that Brian and Em are some of the best looking people of Memphis, and best dressed. I just love all the energy and laughter they bring everywhere they go.

To the future Mr + Mrs Holmes




Omar + Jenny | Mexican/Vietnamese Wedding | Memphis, Tennessee

Omar + Jenny. These two are so sweet. I received an email from Jenny over a year ago, sharing her and Omar’s story. They were highschool sweet hearts. He sat next to a cute girl at a school function, and she, I quote, “couldn’t stand up and move, that would be awkward!” They soon became friend, best friends as they grew up together. This special union brought together more then just them two, but two families, two cultures. Omar is Mexican and Jenny is Vietnamese. They brought in traditions from both sides as they planned their day. These included Jenny’s beautiful traditional red wedding gown made in Vietnam and the fun dances and games played at Mexican weddings. We had a blast all day celebrating these two. Jenny got ready with all her girls at the house. After she stepped into her gown and was all buttoned in, we jumped in the car to the beautiful Catholic Church. As per-wedding fashion, we hit every red light. After finally arriving, we tucked Jenny away in a back room till the ceremony started.

This ceremony was simply inspiring. The music, the readings, and charge. As Jenny walked down the aisle, Omar joined her half way and they walked together to the alter. There were such sweet times of prayer throughout the ceremony. They broke and greeted all their guests, came together again, took communion, and then! “Omar, you may kiss your bride!” The room erupted in claps and cheers. They were officially one. <3 The first hug they made as a married couple was their sweet son.

We had an awesome time at Overton Park laughing and dancing with their best friends. There was even sparkling apple cider, that Omar brought out. We sent them onward to the reception, and took some portraits. Gosh, I just love the way they get each other. The time was so fun. They were making each other giggle, he was spinning her around, pulling in tight. They made my job a breeze to catch that genuine laughter. We were shivering by the end, and quickly jumped in cars to head to the reception.

At the reception we ate some awesome tacos and mexican candy. Then came those dances. Omar and Jenny came together on floor. Enough chatting, you just got to see all the photos! <3


Thank you Jenny + Omar for giving me the honor to photograph your wedding. It has been a joy to get to know you both and capture this love story. Praying over the year and your marriage. <3 

Propcellar Wedding | Memphis, TN | Chris + Tailor Ballenger

I am so excited to catch up and start sharing 2017’s wonderful weddings.

Starting off with Chris and Tailor. This wedding was located at the Propcellar off of Summer Ave in Memphis, Tennessee. The day started with thick curtains separating sections of the large warehouse to insure they would not see each other. After stepping into her beautiful gown and he fitting and tying his shoes they prepared for their first look. He stood on one side of an indoor garage door, hands fidgeting, anxious to embrace his girl. She stood on the other side, fixing her vail, shaking and excited to see her groom. Sheer joy erupted as he ran to Tailor once the door was up. They shared laughs and giggles. We took some photos of the two of them, and other photos with their sweet wedding party. We all shuffled behind curtains as guest arrived. Once the ceremony started, you could feel the presence and sense of worship in the space. They made it priority to share the gospel through their ceremony, as well as include long time of prayer. It was beautiful as arms were stretched out over this new family unit. After they shared their first kiss, Chris and Tailor gently washed each others feet, as the first act they chose to make in marriage. After that there were tears and all smiles. They celebrated, danced, embraced, talked, screamed, and all the good things. We all headed outside at the end and waved around sparklers. What an awesome day! Enough chatting, here are the photos!!