Victoria + Sharline | New Friends in Heidelberg, GE

Jonna and I had the best day a couple weeks ago in Heidelberg. We met up with Sharline + Vicky one night at a store and ventured around picking up our picnic snack/dinner items. Including olives, cheese, lots of bread, bananas, dips, ect. And headed on our way to the gorgeous riverside. Upon arrival, it was the ideal time for photos. I asked Sharline if she would be my model. We had met that same hour and were already giggling, arms linked towards the water.

Sharline is such a sweet soul. I love how kind her whole demeanor is and its so visible in her eyes. She encouraged me so much, and catered to all my ideas and prompts. Definitely embarrassed her yelling out compliments. <3 Thank you, Sharline, for still being my friend! I feel like I’ve known you forever, even though it was only a few hours. The Lord just connected us, and I thank Him for that!

And the tables turned when Sharline took my camera, and started posing me! <3 Also we were trying not to get in goose poop.. #adventures

And this beautiful woman is Victoria (Vicky!) She lit up when I asked if she would model as well. The girl has fierce eyes that really are the door to her adventurous, passionate spirit. Vicky filled our little picnic with laughter and encouragement. I was simply baffled by how the Lord used these girls to bless my trip to Heidelberg.

SHARLINE + VICKY, I love you both! May the Lord be with you!

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