Sessen + Jordan | Urban Engagement Photographer

Meet Sessen and Jordan. For those Memphians who hang at Avenue, you know this duo. In fact, you probably knew them before they were a duo. I met Sessen in passing at Avenue Coffee. Immediately I knew she was such a encouraging and high-spirited personality. In full 901 fashion, I also met Jordan at Avenue. We had some pretty nerdy camera gear chats! Seriously, when I found out these two were dating, it was a fo’sho thing.

And now!!! – After hanging out for a whole evening, it’s fo’sho a  FO’SHO thing. They compliment each other beautifully. I can see how comfortable and joyful they make each other. It’s evident through even the photos that they feel comfortable to be themselves together. I mean, long story short, Jordan and Sessen killed their shoot. I’m honored they chose me to capture this season of life- all the excitement, new love, and anticipation. The wedding is going to be a freakin’ awesome. Enough chat, just scroll!


And for your own humor. Or maybe for ours… I’ve included the behind-the-scenes below! OFFICIALLY, y’all are the freakin’ best, Sessen and Jordan. Let’s see what we can manage to pull off come wedding day! Haha

Crosstown Concourse | Memphis Photographer | Senior: Molly

Where do you go when its raining and you have the sweetest senior portraits to take? Welp, I joined the Memphis photographers, and headed to Crosstown Concourse. This place has been called a “vertical urban village.” It has multiple atriums that reach to the sky, each floor occupied by organizations, businesses, and apartments. There is a sense of constant movement as the main floor has a coffee shop, a juice bar, and many restaurants. Within Crosstown, is Crosstown Arts. They have incredible art exhibits all surrounding a vibrant grand staircase.

Now, enough about the building, lets chat about the beautiful girl. Molly Stelling. We go back, big time. Our parents were dear friends years before children came into the picture. Molly and I are the younger ones of the pack. I grew up coming to Memphis every other summer, looking forward to running up and down their huge carpeted steps, chasing through the trees in their backyard, playing polly pockets, and who knows what else. She sent me an adorable memory last week (haha, see below). She found all these books we made over summers. We designed, tinkered, and created our little hearts away. Really, Mols, you have been such a friend. I’m so so so proud of you. High school is just plain hard. Learning yourself, gaining confidence, facing real-life challenges, and building a community is hard. I am so excited to see where the Lord is taking you, and how he will use you in this new chapter. I’m praying zeal, faith, and endurance over you. May He reveal himself in more ways then one. I hope we never stop being friends and reminiscing about our hysterical adventures as children.

Go take the world, my dear. <3 He has us in His plans. No matter how dark, how alone, how rough it can get, we know our victory is in Him. We know His strength and glory. <3 Never be a stranger.


Bozwell + Lily | Memphis Maker + Pop-Up Shop

My friend Ben launched his brand Bozwell + Lily in early 2017. He is a passionate guy, driven by creative community and grit. I’m glad to have people like him here, with vision for Memphis to embrace the makers and creators. He’s created such a beautiful collection of items for the brand. I’m loving the pieces he keeps adding; it’s so evident Ben puts so much thought into each item.

He spent time this month designing, opening, and running the Brick and Mortar pop-up shop in Downtown, Memphis. Read more about it from Ben’s perspective:

Wishing I could have spent more time sipping Lowfi’s freakin’ incredible coffee, and chillin’ with Ben and Memphis’s best people. Check out a few shots I got of Bozwell + Lily’s great setup.


Proud of you, Ben. Keep killin’ it. Memphis is soaking it up!