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germany 2-16I’ve been thinking about Germany a lot this week. How much the Lord used that time to calm my spirit. There was a lot of quiet moments. My days were made of simple things like grocery store visits, little bakeries, and mini road-trips to castles. I miss more then those mountains, I miss my little family there. Alice and Garret took me in, and Brooklyn learned (slowly buts surely) that I wasn’t going anywhere for a while. Within the first day of arriving, I was sick in their guest bathroom for hours. Sweet Alice took care of me, got me ginger ale, called doctors for help. I couldn’t have arrived in a better place. Still thankful neither Brooklyn nor Alice got sick. Honestly I huge part of that time was just relaxing. Traveling alone for the first time, I didn’t feel pressure to go see all the tourist spots. I didn’t need to leave the house every day. I felt such a peace to just sit at home, looking out the window, sippin and chillin. I watched Friends for days; it was wonderful. I went over for tea with Alice to her best friends house. We planned a little roadtrip to Holland I’ll be posting a little about soon. But really, I just lived life next to them.

Today I am feeling so thankful for my in that little village. The Lord provided a beautiful home, family, and world to enter in on for a short few weeks. Love and miss you, Alice & Garret. Cannot wait to be in your home again. <3 You’ve always been family, but even more now, you are dear dear dear to my heart.ย Praying for you always, and missing another home of mine.

Wanted to share a couple of my favorites from my first week in Germany:

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