Eser & James | Phoenix, Arizona Wedding

I could spend an entire evening writing about this wedding. I’m going to do my best to keep it short. For them it starts just over a year ago. They committed to long distance, intentionally pursue each other in every way they could. I have so much admiration for their love and commitment.

I was ecstatic to hear from Eser over FB. We skyped, and I was overwhelmed by the joy in my friend’s life. How the Lord had taken her and written such a beautiful story. I’m so proud of Steph, and knowing James for the few days that I did, he is a man worthy of her love. I am praying he uses you in even more ways though your marriage. Before the wedding, I hadn’t seen Eser in 11 years. Her family had moved away when I was young, but I still remember playing on their farm. We would make mud cakes, play house, and run around. Our snacks were vegetables and props were normally twigs and mud. It was the life. Being welcomed back into their home was was the highlight of my year. It was like nothing had changed (except maybe we don’t have dirty faces, and are not playing fake wedding anymore). I felt a part of their family. I was just in a state of happiness the entire weekend interacting with my childhood friends now grown up and married, and meeting their children. Thank you, Norris family, for taking me in as one of your own.

The wedding itself was simply wonderful. If my wedding is half as beautiful and intentional as James & Eser’s, I will considered it a pure gift. Eser had searched for a venue outside, big enough to host all of their guests for quite some time. It was a huge blessing to find this orchard through one of her bridesmaids; it was exactly what she wanted. The soups were made by women in the church. Corn chowder, lentil soup, and a couple other kinds followed bagels and fruit after the ceremony. Eser handmade the bread bowls and butter dishes in her pottery class for the tables. While in Turkey over the summer, they collected little patterned tile magnets as favors. One of my favorite things about the entire wedding, was how important the guests were. It was so clear how the people coming to this wedding came to stand beside them and celebrate them. I was overwhelmed by the kind words poured over both James and Eser. People flying in from all over to witness this marriage take place. It was so beautiful how many places were signed on the maps they laid out as guest books. Just before heading down the aisle, the women from Eser’s life gathered around her, laying a hand, pouring blessings and prayers over her and James. The ceremony was filled with worship. Such an honor to not be a part of such a wedding, but to capture it. Then came the wedding party photos. We had a blast throwing bouquets and making them kiss. 😛 Their reception was built on dancing, conversation, genuine speeches, and a joy that stayed even as they ran through a tunnel of guests to their get-away car. I know I’ve already rambled and written out what you will see, SO here is the wedding itself. <3 Congratulations Eser & James.


I stole them for a few more moments before they left. Love these two and the laughs they shared that day. 

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