Omar + Jenny | Mexican/Vietnamese Wedding | Memphis, Tennessee

Omar + Jenny. These two are so sweet. I received an email from Jenny over a year ago, sharing her and Omar’s story. They were highschool sweet hearts. He sat next to a cute girl at a school function, and she, I quote, “couldn’t stand up and move, that would be awkward!” They soon became friend, best friends as they grew up together. This special union brought together more then just them two, but two families, two cultures. Omar is Mexican and Jenny is Vietnamese. They brought in traditions from both sides as they planned their day. These included Jenny’s beautiful traditional red wedding gown made in Vietnam and the fun dances and games played at Mexican weddings. We had a blast all day celebrating these two. Jenny got ready with all her girls at the house. After she stepped into her gown and was all buttoned in, we jumped in the car to the beautiful Catholic Church. As per-wedding fashion, we hit every red light. After finally arriving, we tucked Jenny away in a back room till the ceremony started.

This ceremony was simply inspiring. The music, the readings, and charge. As Jenny walked down the aisle, Omar joined her half way and they walked together to the alter. There were such sweet times of prayer throughout the ceremony. They broke and greeted all their guests, came together again, took communion, and then! “Omar, you may kiss your bride!” The room erupted in claps and cheers. They were officially one. <3 The first hug they made as a married couple was their sweet son.

We had an awesome time at Overton Park laughing and dancing with their best friends. There was even sparkling apple cider, that Omar brought out. We sent them onward to the reception, and took some portraits. Gosh, I just love the way they get each other. The time was so fun. They were making each other giggle, he was spinning her around, pulling in tight. They made my job a breeze to catch that genuine laughter. We were shivering by the end, and quickly jumped in cars to head to the reception.

At the reception we ate some awesome tacos and mexican candy. Then came those dances. Omar and Jenny came together on floor. Enough chatting, you just got to see all the photos! <3


Thank you Jenny + Omar for giving me the honor to photograph your wedding. It has been a joy to get to know you both and capture this love story. Praying over the year and your marriage. <3 

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Emily is a photographer empowering, serving, and working alongside couples, creatives, non Profits, and humanitarian organizations. Her perspective on life and travel developed during her first 14 years growing up in the middle east, on the coast of the Mediterranean. She seeks to use her time and resources to educate and advocate. Emily has heart for collaboration with other creatives, as well as heart for the those displaced and seeking refuge. She hopes to continue her path to work in humanitarian efforts world wide. Currently, Emily is based in Memphis, TN, USA.

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