Propcellar Wedding | Memphis, TN | Chris + Tailor Ballenger

I am so excited to catch up and start sharing 2017’s wonderful weddings.

Starting off with Chris and Tailor. This wedding was located at the Propcellar off of Summer Ave in Memphis, Tennessee. The day started with thick curtains separating sections of the large warehouse to insure they would not see each other. After stepping into her beautiful gown and he fitting and tying his shoes they prepared for their first look. He stood on one side of an indoor garage door, hands fidgeting, anxious to embrace his girl. She stood on the other side, fixing her vail, shaking and excited to see her groom. Sheer joy erupted as he ran to Tailor once the door was up. They shared laughs and giggles. We took some photos of the two of them, and other photos with their sweet wedding party. We all shuffled behind curtains as guest arrived. Once the ceremony started, you could feel the presence and sense of worship in the space. They made it priority to share the gospel through their ceremony, as well as include long time of prayer. It was beautiful as arms were stretched out over this new family unit. After they shared their first kiss, Chris and Tailor gently washed each others feet, as the first act they chose to make in marriage. After that there were tears and all smiles. They celebrated, danced, embraced, talked, screamed, and all the good things. We all headed outside at the end and waved around sparklers. What an awesome day! Enough chatting, here are the photos!!

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